WATCH: Japanese Bantamweight wins via twister – for the second time this year

Japanese MMA star Joji Goto stunned the MMA world with a remarkable display of skill, securing victory using one of the sport’s most elusive techniques – the twister submission.

As its name suggests, the twister is a submission maneuver that exerts torque on the opponent’s entire body. Typically applied from the back control position, it is renowned as one of the most painful submissions in the realm of mixed martial arts.

This technique gained prominence largely through the efforts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu veteran Eddie Bravo. However, in the world of MMA, the twister is a rarity due to its complexity and the existence of more efficient techniques.

Nevertheless, some MMA athletes have successfully employed this technique to claim victories, with the most recent example being Joji Goto, a highly regarded Japanese MMA Bantamweight star who competed at Rizin Landmark 6. This event, which also featured kickboxing matchups, unfolded on October 1 in Nagoya, Japan.

Goto faced off against fellow Rizin star Junya Hibino in the main card, competing in the bantamweight division. The first round saw both fighters engaged in a closely contested battle, but Goto gained momentum in the second round.

The action transitioned to the ground, where Goto asserted dominance over Hibino. Goto relentlessly worked to secure a submission, manipulating Hibino’s body on the canvas. After persistent effort, Goto seized an opportunity and applied the twister.

Notably, Goto’s execution of the twister was slightly modified, with his legs enveloping Hibino’s torso rather than the traditional lock. Nevertheless, he successfully executed the technique. Hibino valiantly resisted for a brief moment, visibly in considerable pain, before ultimately tapping out. This marked Joji Goto’s victory via second-round submission.

Joji Goto has showcased an impressive ground game throughout his professional MMA career, evidently favoring the twister submission. In his previous bout, the 27-year-old secured a win against Trent Girdham using the same technique in the second round. With this recent triumph, Goto has further bolstered his professional record, which now stands at 16 wins, 6 losses, and 1 draw.

Goto’s mastery of the twister is a testament to his exceptional grappling skills and serves as a reminder of the diverse techniques that MMA fighters can employ to achieve victory in the cage.