Craig Jones roasts Gordon Ryan’s feeble promotion: Attempt to p*ss off Dillon Danis,

Craig Jones and Gordon Ryan have reignited their ongoing rivalry, and this time, it’s over Ryan’s recent promotion of Proper No. Twelve, a brand associated with MMA superstar Conor McGregor.

Previously, Jones and Ryan were part of the same BJJ team, training under the guidance of legendary coach John Danaher in New York. However, due to various factors, including the pandemic, the team disbanded.

Subsequently, Craig Jones established a new team known as B Team Jiu Jitsu, while Gordon Ryan continued with Danaher and together, they formed New Wave Jiu Jitsu. Since this split and the founding of their respective teams, Jones and Ryan have been locked in a competitive feud.

Recently, Gordon Ryan made his return to the BJJ scene after recovering from an illness and secured a victory over his rival, Patrick Gaudio, in the main event of WNO 20.

Before the event, Ryan teased a mystery box on social media as part of theĀ  buildup. After his triumph, he unveiled the contents of the box, revealing a bottle of Proper No. Twelve/

Craig Jones responded to Ryan’s promotion, criticizing his rival for what he perceives as an attempt to curry favor with Conor McGregor. Speaking on the B Team YouTube channel, Jones remarked:

“The Proper 12 thing was a bit weird. I think he’s trying to gently caress Conor McGregor’s nuts in an attempt to get some social media shout-outs and in an attempt to p*ss off Dillon Danis, who’s Conor McGregor’s grappling coach and good friend.”

The promotion attempt was critically panned. While Ryan’s performance was spotless and domineering that whole ad thing needed a dry run or two before it made it to live air.

In credit to Jones he also praised Ryan’s performance against Gaudio going on to deconstruct it.