UFC featherweight Bryce Mitchell claims to have subdued a Deer in hand to hand hunting session

Bryce Mitchell has impressive performances inside the Octagon, but he is also known for his eccentric personality, which often includes praising Jesus and sparking debates about flat Earth theory.

However, his uniqueness doesn’t stop there. Mitchell recently shared a rather unusual tale of hunting down a wild deer with his bare hands.

Mitchell’s story unfolded during an appearance on the OverDogs podcast, where he recounted his memorable encounter with a deer. According to Mitchell, he attempted to hunt the deer with a crossbow but couldn’t land a shot due to issues with his scope, which was held in place by electrical tape.

Despite multiple attempts to shoot the deer, Mitchell missed every time due to the unstable scope. Determined to claim his prize, he decided to take matters into his own hands, quite literally.

“I called the doe in for like two and a half hours. It fell asleep, and I took a shot and I missed. I just climbed down the deer stand, and I said I’m going to try to get my hands on it. I waited till it went back to sleep and I went real quiet down the deer stand and I was like, ‘F*ck it, I’m going to do it.’ Before I slid the choke in I texted my coach and I told him to help. Slid my left arm in and I proceeded to choke it to death,” Mitchell explained.

While this story may sound unbelievable, it’s just one of the many quirky anecdotes that define Bryce Mitchell’s character.

In the world of MMA, ‘Thug Nasty’ holds an impressive record of 7-1 inside the Octagon, with an overall MMA record of 16-1. His only loss came against Ilia Topuria, the fighter set to challenge Alexander Volkanovski for the featherweight title in 2024. Mitchell, however, believes this loss should come with an asterisk, as he claims to have fought Topuria with a severe case of the flu.

As for Mitchell’s future in the UFC, there is no official word on his next fight date. Still, if Bryce Mitchell has his way, his next mission will be to convert UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley into a believer of his rather unconventional flat Earth theory.