WATCH: Strongman taps UFC heavyweight during friendly BJJ lesson

Eddie Hall recently surprised fans with an unexpected training session alongside UFC heavyweight Tom Aspinall. Aspinall, currently ranked #4 in the UFC heavyweight rankings, shared their MMA training on social media, creating quite a buzz among fans from both worlds.

In one intriguing moment from their training, Eddie Hall challenged Tom Aspinall to deliver a full-force leg kick. However, Tom had a unique twist in mind. He first allowed a 9-year-old child to attempt the kick to demonstrate its power with proper technique. The young boy executed the kick with surprising force, leaving Eddie Hall astonished. Eddie, known for his immense strength, admitted, “I couldn’t imagine you doing that.”

Now, it was Tom’s turn to demonstrate. He provided Eddie with a protective leg pad and assured him that he would use only a fraction of his strength. Even with these precautions, Eddie felt the impact of the kick, highlighting the incredible power possessed by UFC heavyweights.

This unexpected crossover between the worlds of Strongman and MMA brought fans a captivating and entertaining video. Eddie Hall has been engaging in a series of collaboration videos with various athletes, leaving fans eagerly anticipating each new encounter.

In response to the video featuring Tom Aspinall, Eddie Hall hinted at future collaborations, writing, “Who wants to see me and @shawstrength collide???”

As for Tom Aspinall’s future in the UFC, he has expressed a strong desire to step into the octagon, whether it’s against Sergei Pavlovich or Ciryl Gane. While Aspinall initially aimed for a matchup with Gane, the response from Gane indicated a preference to wait for the outcome of the UFC heavyweight title bout between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic in November.

However, Tom Aspinall is not willing to wait indefinitely. He has made it clear that he is ready to face Sergei Pavlovich if a fight with Gane doesn’t materialize. Aspinall emphasized that Gane remains his ideal opponent, but he is open to facing anyone who brings him closer to the UFC heavyweight title.

While fans await the potential showdown between Tom Aspinall and Ciryl Gane, the exact timeline for this highly anticipated fight remains uncertain.