Gordon Ryan names The top 3 best grapplers in MMA

Gordon Ryan has been helping Jon Jones prepare to face Stipe Miocic in an attempt to break out into MMA coaching. Ryan is following in the footsteps of former teammate Craig Jones, who has made a huge impact coaching UFC’s Alex Volkanovski (and several other UFC stars).

But BJJ in MMA is in somewhat of a crisis. Nowadays there’s a much bigger accent on striking and wrestling and many elite grapplers struggle with the transition into MMA, finding their wrestling lacking for the most part.

Ryan spoke to Luke Thomas of Morning Kombat and shared a list of the three best grapplers in MMA.

“Georges was incredible. ”

“So Georges (St Pierre) is a great example. Khabib is another great example, could be just where whereas guys out walks, guys down isn’t even towards guys. A lot of times he just like literally walks. So you can’t get away. You can’t shuffle backwards faster than to be walks or you just walk side of the fence, make them carry body weight, puts them down, beat them up and guys are exhausted.”

“So George was good to beat is good. Demian Maia has a really good system where he shoots a sloppy shot, pushes the guy to the fence and then uses the fence to start taking guys, taking guys down or pulls half and then tries to roll the guy through or comes up to back and then and then controls them like that.”

“So Demian had a pretty good system. CharlesĀ  (Oliveira) out there. All of that obviously has the most submissions I think in UFC history. So you have to give him some props as well. But for me it’s always guys who play like a heavy pressure game over time, like just control guys, wear guys out and make them carry body weight.”