BJJ superstar Gordon Ryan throws shade at Tommy Fury with PED abuse accusations

Gordon Ryan’s stance on PEDs in sports has recently taken a unique turn. He expressed his approval of the UFC parting ways with the USADA. However, this move doesn’t signify the end of PED testing in MMA; instead, the UFC is transitioning to collaborate with a different organization to continue these efforts.

In striking sports like boxing and MMA, even the slightest advantage gained from PEDs can have severe consequences, including permanent brain damage and potentially degenerative brain conditions.


Gordon Ryan’s attention has been notably fixated on Dillon Danis and his upcoming participation in the Misfits card on October 14th. While Danis has rarely been scrutinized for his physique, Ryan has previously mocked him for not resembling a comic book character in terms of physical appearance.

In an intriguing turn of events, it seems that boxer Tommy Fury ended up on Gordon Ryan’s radar. Ryan posted a picture showcasing Fury’s transformation during his training camp and didn’t hold back on the jabs.

Ryan is no stranger to massive transformations.

It’s worth noting that both Tommy Fury and KSI are voluntarily undergoing testing under the VADA. Recent tests have confirmed that both are clean, with no traces of PEDs.

The highly-anticipated boxing match between the YouTube sensation, KSI, and the professional boxer, Tommy Fury, is scheduled for October 14th. This event will be hosted at the AO Arena in Manchester and will adhere to standard professional boxing rules. To ensure the integrity of the competition, KSI’s promotion, Misfits Boxing, has taken the extra step of ordering additional testing to guarantee both compete as clean athletes.


There have been no indications of either encountering issues during these tests, and publicly available results from previous tests have consistently shown negative findings.

The event, titled ‘The Prime Card,’ is part of Misfits Boxing’s 10th event and is often referred to as the ‘Super Bowl of influencer boxing.’ It features a lineup of intriguing matchups, including Paul vs. Dillon Danis, Anthony Taylor vs. King Kenny, Chase DeMoor vs. Tempo Arts, and the return of Salt Papi against an unnamed opponent.