Darren Elkins Impresses with Submission Victory Over TJ Brown at UFC Vegas 81

At UFC Vegas 81, Darren Elkins showcased his grappling mastery as he secured a dominant victory over TJ Brown. This contest, held at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, offered fans a spectacle of fun and fast-paced exchanges on the ground.

Elkins initiated the fight by executing a precise takedown early in the opening round, promptly asserting his dominance in the grappling department. His ground control was suffocating, leaving Brown with little room to maneuver. Elkins transitioned seamlessly into a ground-and-pound assault, creating opportunities for a submission.

However, Brown displayed his resilience by escaping Elkins’ attempts, turning the tables with a well-executed takedown. The fight was defined by a series of back-and-forth grappling exchanges, showcasing the technical prowess of both fighters. Elkins, relentless in his pursuit of the victory, maintained the upper hand.


In round two, the battle continued with Elkins and Brown engaging in a striking duel, punctuated by sporadic leg kicks. Elkins made another takedown attempt, further underscoring his grappling skills. While Brown had his moments, it was Elkins who managed to secure advantageous positions.

The final round saw Brown struggling to break free from Elkins’ relentless control. Elkins demonstrated his mastery of ground transitions, ultimately catching Brown in a rear-naked choke. As Brown, visibly fatigued, succumbed to the submission, Elkins emerged victorious in a triumphant display of his grappling expertise.

After the fight, Darren Elkins expressed his satisfaction, stating, “This old dog has still got some fight in him!” The victory not only marked his 50th clean test under the UFC’s Anti-Doping program but also propelled him to tie with Max Holloway for the second-most fights in the featherweight division. Elkins’ remarkable performance left a lasting impression on the fans and solidified his reputation as a formidable force in the featherweight division.