Mokaev slams his way out of triangle, scores arm triangle finish at UFC 294

In a showdown at UFC 294 on October 21, 2023, the emerging prospect Muhammad Mokaev faced his most formidable test yet in the form of experienced veteran Tim Elliott. The bout promised an exciting clash between the seasoned former title challenger and the undefeated Mokaev, who had taken the MMA world by storm.

From the opening bell, it was clear that Tim Elliott had a unique and unconventional approach. He displayed herky-jerky movements, occasionally lifting one knee as if he were hopping forward. The early moments of the fight saw both fighters hit the canvas, with Elliott taking the top position and attempting to transition to side control. Mokaev, however, showed his resilience by defending against Elliott’s advances. The tide soon turned in Mokaev’s favor as he broke free and unleashed a flurry of punches and kicks. In an unfortunate turn of events, as Mokaev attempted a takedown, Elliott’s knees struck him while he was a downed opponent, leading to a brief pause in the action and disapproval from the crowd in Abu Dhabi.

Once the fight resumed, Elliott continued with his unpredictable stance switches and strikes from various angles. Nonetheless, it was Mokaev who found success, landing a solid right hand and executing a takedown. Elliott attempted to counter with a guillotine choke, but Mokaev skillfully escaped.

The second round witnessed more ground action, this time with Mokaev dictating the pace. He focused on attacking Elliott’s body and securing advantageous positions. Despite Elliott’s attempts to return to his feet, Mokaev executed a powerful slam, ensuring that he ended the round in control, with Elliott struggling to neutralize him.

Muhammad Mokaev, who was viewed as being put to the test, appeared to be passing with flying colors by the end of the second round. The third round saw Elliott resorting to his familiar tactic of knee strikes while Mokaev maintained the upper hand. In a pivotal moment, Mokaev reversed the position, slamming Elliott to the canvas and displaying his superior wrestling skills. While he could have opted to ride out the round, Mokaev saw an opportunity to seize victory by locking in an arm-triangle choke against the cage. Elliott had no choice but to tap, sealing the victory for Mokaev.

After the impressive win, Mokaev wasted no time and called for a matchup with Kai-Kara France or even a title shot. His outstanding performance at UFC 294 certainly puts him on the path to championship contention.

Official Result: Muhammad Mokaev secures a submission victory (arm-triangle choke) over Tim Elliott in Round 3, 3:03.