Said Nurmagomedov scores impressive ninja choke over Gafurov at UFC 294

In the opening bout of UFC 294’s main card in Abu Dhabi on October 21, 2023, bantamweights Said Nurmagomedov and Muin Gafurov took center stage. Both were seeking redemption following recent setbacks, and the fight promised to be an intense showdown.

However, this contest turned out to be one of the shortest yet most electrifying moments of the event. Muin Gafurov initiated the action by attempting a takedown early in the fight. Little did he know that he was about to walk into the lion’s den.

Said Nurmagomedov, displaying his impressive defensive skills, swiftly seized the opportunity to lock in a guillotine choke. In a matter of seconds, the fight took a dramatic turn. Muin Gafurov found himself trapped and desperately tapped out. The twist of fate was that he tapped on the side of Nurmagomedov that faced the cage, obstructing the referee’s view. Consequently, the fight continued for a brief moment even after Gafurov had submitted. To the relief of Gafurov, he soon went unconscious due to Nurmagomedov’s unrelenting choke.

In a night marked by questionable officiating, there was no controversy in this instance. It was merely an unfortunate outcome for Gafurov, who paid a heavy price for his aggressive takedown attempt.

For Said Nurmagomedov, this victory was a remarkable return to form. Having suffered a defeat at the hands of Jonathan Martinez in his previous outing, he managed to bounce back in spectacular fashion. With this win, Nurmagomedov enhanced his record in the promotion to an impressive 7-2, reestablishing himself as a formidable force in the bantamweight division.

Official Result: Said Nurmagomedov secures a submission victory over Muin Gafurov in Round 1, 1:13.

Said Nurmagomedov’s lightning-quick victory showcased his exceptional skills and set a high bar for the action-packed evening at UFC 294.