Alfredo Larios secures victory with a Leg Lock at UWC 49

The Ultimate Warrior Challenge (UWC) recently hosted one of its major events, UWC 49. This event, which took place on October 27 in Tijuana, Mexico, and was available for live streaming on UFC Fight Pass, featured a series of electrifying matchups with some ending in interesting fashion. However, it was a particular bout that stood out due to its sheer impact. This bantamweight clash featured Alfredo Larios and Bryan Martinez as the main event.

The contest began on a slightly unusual note, with a close call for Martinez. Just after the opening bell, Larios unleashed a kick that unfortunately found its target in Martinez’s groin area. Martinez was understandably in excruciating pain, prompting the referee to give him some additional time to recover. Fortunately, the Mexican managed to regain his composure, and the bout continued.

As the action unfolded, both athletes engaged in a fierce battle, trading vicious strikes. However, it was evident that Larios was gaining the upper hand, with his dominance over Martinez becoming increasingly apparent during the first round. Larios managed to corner Martinez on multiple occasions, but the resilient star managed to weather the storm.

The second round saw the bout become even more one-sided as it transitioned to the ground, where Larios showcased his impressive grappling skills. It remained unclear whether the earlier groin kick had affected Martinez’s performance.

The climax of the match arrived when Larios masterfully locked in a leg submission. He secured Martinez’s left leg and twisted it in an awkward and painful manner. Martinez struggled desperately to escape, but he found no respite. He held on as long as he could before ultimately tapping out, signaling Larios’s victory via submission in the second round.


This victory marked a successful return for Alfredo Larios, who had previously suffered a third-round knockout loss to Tyler Wilson. Larios’s professional record now stands at 4 wins and 3 losses.

In contrast, Bryan Martinez finds himself dealing with consecutive losses. The 24-year-old had previously suffered a unanimous decision defeat at the hands of Juan Pablo González in March, bringing his total record to 5 wins and 5 losses.