WATCH: Leglocker submits himself in unfortunate MMA outing

Grappling, despite appearing straightforward, is an intricate discipline within mixed martial arts. Its extensive array of techniques, including throws, takedowns, joint locks, and position control, contributes to its complexity. Moreover, grappling techniques are continuously evolving in terms of style and strategy, requiring athletes to keep pace with the latest developments.

Even seasoned professionals can make errors during training, and sometimes these errors manifest in live matches. An unusual example of such an error occurred recently in a mixed martial arts contest, where an athlete managed to submit himself during a grappling exchange.

Fight Music Show (FMS), a mixed martial arts promotion headquartered in Brazil, recently organized one of their marquee events, FMS Fight Night 2. This event unfolded on October 29 in Parana, Brazil.

The bewildering incident took place during a lightweight bout in the main card, featuring Yabna N’Tchala and Luiz Claudio. Both displayed confidence in their skills and immediately engaged in a spirited exchange of strikes when the match began.

Their striking battle was intense and marked by exchanges that flowed back and forth. However, the bout swiftly transitioned to the ground, where Claudio aimed to utilize his Brazilian jiu-jitsu expertise. In a heated grappling exchange, Claudio demonstrated dominance, showcasing aggression and swift positional transitions while attempting various submissions.


After some back-and-forth, Claudio identified an opportunity to secure a leg lock submission on N’Tchala. He clutched N’Tchala’s left leg and initiated the submission attempt. Securing N’Tchala’s ankle, Claudio skillfully entwined his legs around N’Tchala’s right leg, positioning himself to apply the twist.

All appeared to be going according to plan until N’Tchala initiated a roll to free himself, causing Claudio’s legs to become entangled in an awkward manner. N’Tchala’s attempt to escape inadvertently twisted Claudio’s legs, causing significant pain. In great distress, Claudio promptly tapped out. Only then did N’Tchala attempt to extricate Claudio’s legs from the entanglement, eventually succeeding. The referee intervened, signaling N’Tchala’s victory via submission in the first round.