Tyson Fury’s father reacts to viral video of 72 year old man stopping robbers

A robbery incident in Russia has captivated the internet, and even renowned boxing personality John Fury has joined the chorus of praise for an unlikely hero. In the quiet streets of Schelkovo, near Moscow, a brazen thief snatched a smartphone from the hand of an 11-year-old boy named Timofey.

The young boy reacted with loud screams and began to chase the fleeing thief, who was making a quick escape with his ill-gotten prize. However, fate had a different plan for this thief.

As the thief dashed along his escape route, he unknowingly crossed paths with a 72-year-old man who was working on his car by the side of the road. This elderly Good Samaritan turned out to be Mikhail Makarov, a retired security professional. The boy’s frantic cries drew Makarov’s attention, and he quickly assessed the situation unfolding before him.

With a thief hot on his heels and the young boy in pursuit, Makarov took decisive action. As the thief neared him, Makarov made his move and tackled the perpetrator. His actions proved highly effective, causing the thief to tumble and crash onto the unforgiving asphalt.

But the drama didn’t end there. The disoriented thief struggled to his feet, desperately trying to make another escape. Unfortunately for him, Makarov was swift and determined. He managed to seize the thief by the neck, pinning him to the ground and subduing him.

In the nick of time, a woman who was presumably the young boy’s mother approached the scene. She promptly retrieved the stolen phone from the thief. While this was happening, Makarov didn’t hesitate to give the thief a parting kick before releasing his grip. The local authorities arrived promptly and took the thief into custody.

This entire incident was captured by a security camera and quickly became a sensation on social media. Numerous individuals commended the elderly man for his courage and quick thinking. The local police recognized his heroic actions, but Makarov remained humble, believing that he hadn’t done anything extraordinary.

“I did nothing special, guys, it should be the norm,” Makarov humbly stated.

He went on to provide his perspective on the incident, saying, “There is a school nearby and loud noises often happen. I looked, and this man is running away from the boy. The boy chases him screaming hysterically. So I had to react.”

When a boxing enthusiast shared the video with John Fury, he offered a brief but heartfelt response: “Awesome. One word: Awesome. That’s a good man. I’m proud of him.”