WATCH: Bear makes off with family’s Taco Bell delivery


In a odd and amusing turn of events, a hungry black bear became the unlikely culprit in a Taco Bell delivery heist, leaving a bewildered family to witness their dinner being swiped, and later returning for a soda refill. The incident, captured on a TikTok video, has taken the internet by storm.

In the age of food delivery services, occasional hiccups in orders are not uncommon. Delivery mishaps, such as drivers tampering with orders or adding unauthorized items, have made headlines. However, the latest viral food delivery story doesn’t involve a driver but a furry bandit with a penchant for Mexican fast food.

The peculiar incident unfolded on November 3 when a TikTok video showcased footage from a family’s doorbell camera. A delivery driver was seen approaching their residence to deliver a Taco Bell order placed on the front porch. Just moments later, the same camera captured the unexpected guest – a black bear.

With a keen sense of smell or perhaps a craving for a Baja Blast, the bear nonchalantly grabbed the Taco Bell bag with its powerful jaws and made a swift getaway into the wilderness, leaving the perplexed family in disbelief.

However, the bear’s culinary adventure didn’t end there. According to Nicole Castro, a member of the Velasquez family, the bear returned for an encore and indulged in the soda it had left behind. The Velasquez family, utterly bemused by the mysterious disappearance of their dinner, could be seen searching for their order.

This amusing encounter took place in Longwood, Orlando, Florida, an area where bear sightings are reportedly quite common. While animals interfering with meal plans can lead to entertaining stories, it’s safe to say that this Taco Bell escapade will remain a memorable chapter in the Velasquez family’s dining experiences.