WATCH: MMA star that was submitted by a buggy choke 6 weeks ago wins via a buggy choke

Mixed martial artist Ramazon Khafizzoda recently astounded fans by securing a victory through a perfectly executed buggy choke. This triumph came after Khafizzoda had experienced a devastating loss via the same rare submission technique.

The buggy choke, a combination of a leg and arm triangle choke, is a complex move typically initiated from the bottom side control position. This technique involves wrapping your arms beneath your legs to grasp the opponent’s head and arm, applying immense pressure. The opponent’s head and arm are positioned on your rib cage while your legs form a tight triangle.

In the world of mixed martial arts, the buggy choke is considered a rarity due to its intricate nature. Not only is it challenging to execute successfully, but it also carries significant risks, especially in high-stakes competitions where simpler submission techniques are often preferred.

Khafizzoda, hailing from Tajikistan, showcased his expertise in executing this complex maneuver during an MMA event hosted by the Moscow-based promotion Colosseum MMA. The event may have been relatively small, but it provided fans with an exhilarating spectacle, thanks to Khafizzoda’s remarkable performance.

The fight saw Khafizzoda engage in an intense back-and-forth battle with his opponent. Both fighters displayed unwavering determination, exposing themselves to danger and exchanging fierce strikes. The match was too close to call, with both athletes having their moments.

In a pivotal moment, Khafizzoda found himself clumsily clinched to the fence by his opponent, who subsequently seized his back and brought him to the canvas. What followed was a gripping grappling exchange that had fans on the edge of their seats.

Khafizzoda, in a disadvantageous bottom position, executed a brilliant move. He locked in a tight buggy choke by wrapping his legs around his opponent’s back, applying relentless pressure. His opponent had no choice but to tap out, resulting in Khafizzoda’s extraordinary victory through this unconventional submission.

With this impressive comeback, Khafizzoda ended a three-fight losing streak. Notably, his previous loss to Adam Masaev in September had come via a buggy choke, making this victory even sweeter.