WATCH: Standing Anaconda Choke steals the spotlight at LFA 171

Mixed martial artist Jose Ochoa secured a remarkable victory by submitting his opponent with a standing anaconda at LFA 171. This unique maneuver, typically executed on the ground, left spectators in awe as Ochoa managed to pull it off while standing in the cage.

The anaconda involves sliding one arm under the opponent’s neck while the other arm wraps around the opponent’s body, effectively trapping one of their arms and positioning the head in a front headlock hold. Traditionally, this submission is performed on the mat, but Ochoa defied expectations by employing it while standing in the cage.

This remarkable moment unfolded at LFA 171, an event hosted by the renowned Brazilian MMA promotion Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA). The action took place on November 3 in São Paulo, Brazil, with Jose Ochoa showcasing his impressive submission skills against his opponent, Juscelino Pantoja, during the preliminary rounds.

Both Ochoa and Pantoja were up-and-coming talents with undefeated records, setting the stage for an electrifying showdown. The first round witnessed a fierce back-and-forth battle, with Ochoa gradually asserting his dominance as the minutes passed. His Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu prowess became increasingly evident, putting Pantoja in a challenging position.

In the final minute of the round, Pantoja attempted to maintain distance from Ochoa, circling around and occasionally launching punches to keep his opponent at bay. However, Ochoa seized an opening and unleashed a flying knee, narrowly missing his target. In a pivotal moment, Pantoja tried to secure a double-leg takedown, an ill-fated decision as Ochoa thwarted the attempt. In a swift motion, he encircled Pantoja’s head and arm, effectively locking in the standing anaconda choke.

Desperate to escape, Pantoja used the cage to elevate himself, but Ochoa’s grip remained unyielding. He maneuvered away from the fence, suspending Pantoja mid-air with his legs unable to touch the canvas. It didn’t take long for Pantoja to signal his submission, marking an impressive victory for Ochoa in the first round.

With this outstanding win, Ochoa extended his undefeated record to 7 wins. He is considered a rising star in the MMA world, honing his skills at the prestigious Chute Boxe Academy—a gym that has produced several UFC legends, including Charles Oliveira, Anderson Silva, Shogun Rua, and Wanderlei Silva.

In a heartwarming moment, former UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira was present to embrace and support Ochoa after his astounding victory. This triumph not only showcased Ochoa’s remarkable abilities but also solidified his status as a promising talent to watch in the world of mixed martial arts.