WATCH: Omoplata for the win in regional MMA show

In a recent MMA event hosted by United Fighting Series (UFC) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a young prospect showcased remarkable grappling skills. Nahuel Escobar, in his second professional bout, secured victory using an omoplata submission hold for the second time in his career.

UFC, a relatively small MMA promotion based in Argentina, is known for its commitment to nurturing emerging talents and providing a platform for them to transition into the professional ranks. Their latest event, UFS 19, which unfolded on November 5, lived up to expectations by featuring up-and-coming fighters who brought their A-game to the cage.

The featherweight clash between Nahuel Escobar and Walter Presentado during the main card stole the show with its electrifying action. From the opening bell, both fighters engaged in a fierce exchange of strikes, exhibiting their determination and skills.

The fight took a pivotal turn when Presentado seized the momentum and executed a double leg takedown after pressuring Escobar with a flurry of punches. However, what seemed like a favorable position for Presentado quickly turned into a dire one. Escobar displayed his grappling prowess by reversing the situation and transitioning into an omoplata.

The omoplata is a rarely used submission in MMA due to its complexity. Fighters often opt for more conventional techniques like the triangle. Yet, Nahuel Escobar managed to execute this technique not once, but twice in his professional career.

During his professional debut, Escobar secured victory by submitting Diego CastaƱo with an omoplata in the first round. His second omoplata triumph took place during an amateur bout against David Vera, with Escobar forcing Vera to tap out just 25 seconds into the first round.

This remarkable victory has kept Nahuel Escobar’s professional record unblemished, with two victories to his name. In contrast, Walter Presentado had to end his two-win streak, resulting in a total record of two wins and two losses.

Nahuel Escobar’s performance in his recent fight serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the omoplata, a technique rarely witnessed in the MMA world, and showcases his potential as a rising star in the sport.