WATCH: Dojo storming a UFC veteran backfires


Muhsin Corbbrey is the man behind Champions Training Center (CTC), the premier combat sports training facility in Savannah, Georgia, boasts an impressive resume. He is not just your average martial artist; he’s a BJJ black belt, a judo black belt, and a muay Thai kru.

Throughout his extensive career, aptly nicknamed “The Technician,” he professionally fought for two decades. His journey took him across the USA and to international arenas in Asia, Oceania, and South America. Along the way, he accumulated an array of titles, including state, regional, national, and world championships, spanning multiple combat sports such as boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, muay Thai, and mixed martial arts.

What sets Muhsin Corbbrey apart from the typical martial artist is not just his prowess in the ring but also his remarkable academic pursuits. He is on the path to a doctorate in Psychology, having already earned a master’s degree in Criminal Justice from BU.

As if that weren’t enough, he holds undergraduate degrees in public health, political science, and homeland security and emergency management.

Recently, Corbbrey took to his social platform to share a captivating story from his past, one that brings to light an incident of unparalleled grit and a startling revelation: the Dojo Storm.

The tale began three years ago when an individual reached out to Corbbrey’s gym, hurling aggressive challenges and expressing his desire to confront anyone within the gym’s walls. It was a Saturday, and with the gym’s phones forwarded to his cell, Corbbrey was en route to train one of his athletes.

The provocateur was located in the gym’s parking lot, boldly claiming his intent to challenge for dominance. Corbbrey arrived, hoping to defuse the situation, explaining that his gym was a place for martial artists, not randoms He extended an offer for the instigator to attend a class on Monday, emphasizing that street fighting would not serve him well.

In response, the defiant challenger provoked. It was at this moment that Corbbrey decided to take matters into his own hands. He had the challenger sign a waiver, handed him two pairs of MMA gloves, and engaged in a brief yet decisive encounter. The outcome: the challenger was subdued, choked into unconsciousness, and promptly escorted out of the gym.

This anecdote serves as a testament to the determination, discipline, and unique experiences that a professional fighter like Muhsin Corbbrey brings to the table. It also highlights the stark reality that the world of martial arts and combat sports isn’t merely about physical prowess; it often involves the unexpected and unorthodox situations that athletes like Corbbrey must navigate. The Dojo Storm, in this case, was a vivid example of the challenges faced and overcome within the martial arts community.