WATCH: Audible arm snap stops MMA event

In an interesting turn of events during EVO Championship’s recent MMA event, a memorable scene unfolded as an athlete refused to tap and ended up with a snapped arm in a modified armbar lock.

EVO Championship, a renowned MMA organization based in Egypt, hosted its latest event, EVO 86, on October 30 in Cairo. The event boasted a diverse range of matches, including female and junior categories, and featured various sports branches like boxing and kickboxing, providing an exhilarating showcase of skills and styles.

While the overall event was deemed a success with its share of highlight-reel moments, one particular match stole the spotlight for its impact. In the preliminary card, Omar Sultan faced off against Kareem, both relatively new to the professional scene.

The two martial aritsts displayed impressive skills and determination, engaging in a relentless exchange of blows as the match kicked off. However, the dynamics shifted dramatically when the action transitioned to the ground in the middle of the first round.

Omar Sultan showcased his grappling prowess, securing Kareem’s arm and initiating an armbar. Despite Kareem’s struggles to break free, Sultan maintained a tight grip, contorting Kareem’s arm in an awkward and gruesome manner.

In a startling display of resilience, Kareem refused to tap, prompting Sultan to increase the pressure. Eventually, Sultan communicated with the referee, indicating concern about Kareem’s arm. The bout continued, and after a brief period, Kareem finally tapped out. Upon releasing the lock, the severity of the situation became apparent as Kareem’s arm was visibly snapped, leading to intense pain and distress.

Tapping in BJJ is a fundamental aspect that prioritizes safety, respect, and the overall learning experience. It allows practitioners to train effectively, prevent injuries, and contribute to a positive and supportive training environment.