HSTikkyTokky and Zherka get into it on the pavement in Miami

In a recent dramatic turn of events, social media sensations HSTikkyTokky and Zherka found themselves entangled in a heated altercation right in the heart of Miami.

The clash was fueled by longstanding animosity and escalated when Zherka took to social media to target HSTikkyTokky and his friend Adin Ross, setting the stage for a tumultuous face-off.

HSTikkyTokky is a 22-year-old fitness influencer hailing from Britain and has made waves with his In-Real-Life (IRL) vlogs. His videos offer a glimpse into his daily routines. Renowned for his fitness programs and personalised diet plans, he shares his content on the Kick platform and has attracted a substantial following.

On the other hand, Zherka is an online celebrity and YouTuber of Albanian and Canadian descent. He is well-known for his outrageous pranks and outspoken demeanor.

The confrontation took a physical turn when Zherka confronted HSTikkyTokky at the restaurant, initiating a verbal exchange that quickly escalated. Following some back and forth, the YouTuber attempted to physically threaten the TikTok celebrity by throwing the first punch.

The two exchanged blows on the pavement, capturing the attention of onlookers. Zherka managed to overpower HSTikkyTokky, and the scuffle spilled onto the road.

Zherka and HSTikkyTokky grappled for a while until spectators broke up the altercation. The whole thing was recorded on camera and the video was posted on X.


Given the immense popularity of both internet stars, the public incident between Zherka and HSTikkyTokky stirred a wave of interest among fans. The video on X garnered swift attention, prompting fans to flood the comments section with diverse opinions.

While some spectators admitted that they were confused about the identities of the two personalities involved, others took the opportunity to criticize Zherka for being on the receiving end despite initiating the confrontation.

Some of the comments were as follows:

“Have no idea who either of these people are.”

“How do you jump somebody and still get dropped three times?”

“Bro pulled up in MMA gloves and got dropped three times.”