WATCH: MMA event ends with rare forearm choke submission

Spectators witnessed an extraordinary occurrence as Zaidullo Zaidulloev secured victory using a forearm choke, a move seldom seen in the realm of mixed martial arts.

MMA enthusiasts might be intrigued as to why the forearm choke is a rarity in these matches. Despite being legally permissible in most promotions and executable from mount and side control positions, the move is not commonly employed. Surprisingly, this straightforward method of forcing an opponent to submit while maintaining control seems underutilized, especially when juxtaposed with more intricate techniques like the arm triangle or kimura.

However, the forearm choke comes with its set of challenges. Executing the move proves arduous as it leaves the performer with little control over the opponent’s arms. In high-level competitions, opponents can easily break free, potentially reversing the situation. Notably, it finds limited application in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes due to the inherent risk of transforming into a neck crank.

Despite these inherent disadvantages, Zaidullo Zaidulloev defied the odds and successfully employed the forearm choke to secure victory in a recent match against Nurbek Tolepov. The gripping encounter unfolded during a quarter-final clash in the 64kg division grand prix, hosted by the Russia-based MMA promotion ALI Promotion.

The bout began cautiously, with both athletes tactfully sizing each other up. Occasional punches and kicks were exchanged, creating a measured pace initially. However, as the match progressed, the intensity of the action surged.

Evolving into a fierce duel, Zaidulloev found himself on the receiving end of numerous head punches, compelling him to alter his strategy. Recognizing his inferiority in striking, Zaidulloev opted to shift the battleground to the ground. Seizing Tolepov’s leg, he executed a forceful takedown.

Positioning his left forearm firmly on Tolepov’s neck, Zaidulloev applied pressure while maintaining control of Tolepov’s position with his right hand. Witnessing Tolepov in visible discomfort, attempting to wriggle free, the inevitable occurred. Tolepov succumbed, tapping out swiftly, securing Zaidulloev’s remarkable victory through the seldom-seen forearm choke.