WATCH: Ninja choke secures victory for MMA prospect Ibrahim Dauev

In a remarkable display of skill during the recent ACA Young Eagles 42 event, MMA prospect Ibrahim Dauev showcased his dominance with a rare ninja choke submission, extending his win streak to seven consecutive victories.

Absolute Championship Akhmat held the much-anticipated ACA Young Eagles 42 on November 10 in Chechnya. This event, tailored for emerging talents, witnessed fierce competition and standout performances.

A featherweight clash in the main card between Ibrahim Dauev and Nadyr Aliev stole the spotlight. Despite both stars possessing impressive records and promising futures, Dauev demonstrated a notable skill gap in grappling.

The bout ignited with intense exchanges, transitioning swiftly to the ground. Dauev’s grappling prowess shone as he controlled Aliev throughout the match, attempting various submissions. In a surprising turn, Dauev secured a tight ninja choke—a submission rarely seen in MMA.

Despite Aliev’s resilient efforts to escape, including standing up and slamming Dauev to the canvas, Dauev maintained his grip. Aliev’s canvas rolls proved futile, leading to a swift tap-out and Dauev’s victory via submission in the first round.

With this triumph, 22-year-old Ibrahim Dauev extended his win streak to seven, accumulating an impressive record of 8 wins and 1 loss. In contrast, Nadyr Aliev now stands at 5 wins and 2 losses.

The ninja choke, a submission technique seldom witnessed in MMA, resembles a guillotine choke. Originating as a Gi technique using the lapel, the no-gi version adapted for MMA involves bending the opponent’s neck downward, exerting pressure on the carotid arteries with the arms—an effective yet unconventional maneuver.

Dauev’s execution of the ninja choke not only secured a decisive victory but also added a unique flair to the ACA Young Eagles 42 event. Stay tuned for more updates on rising talents and extraordinary moments in the world of MMA.