When Rickson Gracie claimed he would finish Mike Tyson in under 5 minutes

Rickson Gracie once claimed an impeccable 450-0 record. A record even his own father disputed. Yet he remains one of the sport’s unparalleled legends. His contributions to the BJJ and MMA community solidified his status as a pioneer. Notably, as the brother of UFC 1 poster boy Royce Gracie, Rickson’s influence extends beyond the octagon.

In an interview back in the day, Gracie disclosed a fascinating dream match up. Surprisingly, his desired opponent was not from the MMA world but the legendary New York boxer, Mike Tyson. This revelation stirred excitement among fans and raised intriguing “what-if” scenarios.

Gracie expressed his eagerness to step into the ring with Tyson. In the interview, he stated, “Definitely, is Mike Tyson because he’s the most famous fighter in the world. Like he has more prestige. So, if I beat him, I get his place.”

Addressing doubts about the hypothetical matchup, Gracie confidently asserted, “No, more than 5 minutes,” when asked about Tyson’s chances against him. While such conjectures remain speculative, Gracie’s enthusiasm to test his skills against one of boxing’s greatest figures was evident.

Fans, too, couldn’t resist sharing their opinions on the potential clash. Predictions ranged from a “bad day for Rickson” to imaginative scenarios like “Mike Tyson by flying triangle” and “Rickson by RNC.” The hypothetical matchup ignited a flurry of reactions, each fan contributing to the speculative discourse.

In the absence of a real showdown, fans are left to ponder the outcome of a battle that never transpired. Gracie’s dream of challenging Tyson adds an intriguing layer to his storied career, leaving the MMA community with a captivating “what-could-have-been” scenario.

While Tyson is retired for the most part, he still keeps in shape and is in somewhat good health. Meanwhile Gracie recently came out admitting that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s nearly three years ago, Gracie addresses the disease’s impact on his life in a recent interview:

“I’m not scared of death,” Gracie says. “Everybody is going to die. But quitting is not an acceptable option.”