WATCH: MMA stars restart in arm triangle on their own after one of them mistakes feeling the tap

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the term “Brazilian tap” typically refers to a specific way of fake signaling q submission during training or sparring. When practitioners engage in live rolling or sparring sessions, it’s crucial to have a means of communicating that they are in a compromised position and want to concede defeat without the need for physical harm.

The traditional way of signaling submission in BJJ is by tapping the mat or your opponent. However, the term “Brazilian tap” specifically refers to a lighter, more casual tap. It’s essentially a way to confuse your opponent as to whether you are acknowledging that you’ve been caught in a submission.

But sometimes there are honest mistakes.

A recent MMA event featured an opposite situation. At a Bear FC event, Khadis Idigov was pitted against Kazbek Khatuev. Both are relative newbies in MMA with under 5 showings in professional MMA. But despite them they were honest in how they’ve dealt with their duel.

Khatuev appears to have trapped Idigov in an arm triangle next to the fence. Idigov initially gave the thumbs up to the ref, signifying that he wasn’t out. But ref’s nonresponse caused a bit of confusion.

Khatuev became convinced Idigov tapped and let go of the submission. Despite the fact that Idigov was free to get up, he opted to let Khatuev resume back in the submission hold, not wanting to capitalize on a misunderstanding.

Just a couple of seconds later, he was able to secure the tap.

While we see questionable situations weekly, it’s funny and interesting to see two MMA stars behave in this manner, and not try and exploit the system.