Rare Calf Slicer Submission Takes Center Stage at EAFL MMA Elite FN 21

Elite Amateur Fight League witnessed an extraordinary moment at their recent event, Elite Fight Night 21, held in Merrillville, Indiana. The highlight of the night was a remarkable display of skill in the lightweight division, featuring Khatanbaatar Khuukhenkhuu against Philip Hazelwood.

The match started with an intense exchange of strikes, showcasing the tenacity of both fighters. However, Khuukhenkhuu quickly seized control, delivering powerful shots and dominating Hazelwood. The momentum shifted when the bout transitioned to the ground.

In a gripping grappling sequence, Hazelwood found an opportunity to turn the tables. Engaging in a ground battle, he attempted to manipulate Khuukhenkhuu’s leg. Seizing the moment, Khuukhenkhuu skillfully countered by swiftly wrapping Hazelwood’s left leg, executing a calf slicer submission.

The calf slicer, a rare submission technique in mixed martial arts, focuses on creating compression on the calf muscle. Khuukhenkhuu’s adept execution left Hazelwood with no option but to tap out, declaring Khuukhenkhuu the winner via submission in the first round.

This unique submission move gained prominence in the UFC when former lightweight champion Charles Oliveira successfully employed it in a bout against Eric Wisley in 2012. Oliveira, attempting a knee bar initially, smoothly transitioned to the calf slicer, securing a victory.

Khatanbaatar Khuukhenkhuu, a rising talent hailing from Mongolia, maintained his undefeated record with three consecutive wins, all concluding with impressive finishes. On the other side, Philip Hazelwood faced a setback in his professional debut, experiencing defeat at the hands of the skilled Khuukhenkhuu.

The EAFL MMA event once again underscored the unpredictability and excitement that emerging talents bring to the sport, making it an unforgettable night for fans and participants alike.