Craig Jones blasts FloGrappling for Ceding all the Power to Gordon Ryan: if he goes to UFC, who else is there?

Controversial jiu-jitsu athlete Craig Jones recently unleashed a verbal tirade against streaming platform FloGrappling, claiming they have given too much leverage to star Gordon Ryan.

On a recent podcast, Jones asserted that FloGrappling is completely dependent on Ryan to turn a profit on grappling events. He stated, “They basically cannot make money off a professional grappling event unless Gordon’s involved. Without him, there’s no profitable event.”

According to Jones, FloGrappling recognized Ryan’s drawing power early on and decided to “give this guy whatever he wants.” He believes they offered Ryan a massive contract to do “whatever demands he wants.”

“So now he’s basically is going to be able to leverage these two against each other. But I would imagine things aren’t going to be good for Flograppling if they can’t get him under contract again. Yeah, because if he goes to UFC, who else is there. Yeah, because they’re going to say, Craig, we’re going to offer you a lot of money to come back to Flo grappling and I’m going to be like $1 million for emotional damage.”

“But that’s the situation in the sport right now, from my opinion, allegedly. That’s me. Yeah, but I think it’s hilarious. If you let the f**king athletes run your organization, they don’t give a f**k, you know what I mean? Like, just going to give a f**k about flo.”

Now that Ryan is nearing the end of his exclusive FloGrappling contract, Jones says he holds all the leverage in negotiations. “You have to imagine UFC are going to offer him something great, you know, because they want him,” Jones claimed.

He predicts that if Ryan goes to the UFC, FloGrappling will be in big trouble financially without their biggest star. Jones appears resentful, hinting FloGrappling has alienated other athletes to appease Ryan.

FloGrappling previously got on Jones’ bad side when they refused to float the bill for Nicky Ryan’s hotel while he was to basically do free promotional work for them. Ever since, Craig Jones has been rasing awareness that you don’t have to do a yearly subscription at FloGrappling and can instead use another site in their network (FloCheer) to just pay a month’s worth to watch your event.

Previously Jones criticized Flo for canceling a presser to please Ryan, after he dropped out of an event with a severe case of diarrhea.

Jones’ controversial comments suggest he feels Ryan has too cozy of a relationship with the streaming giant. It remains to be seen how FloGrappling will respond to accusations and if they have any cards left to play.