Craig Jones roasts BJJ motivational posters: Gayest thing we have to battle

On a recent podcast, BJJ athlete Craig Jones went on a rant about “motivational” social media posts from grapplers, calling them “the gayest thing we have to battle” in the sport.

Jones took aim at middle aged men who post pictures of lions and sharks with inspirational quotes, saying “That is literally the gayest thing we have to battle every day in this sport.”

It should be noted that Jones has tattoos of an Eagle, Octopus and a Jaguar.

He went on to mockingly quote some of the phrases, such as “Some of a king only vows to his queen” and “The ground is my ocean if I’m the shark.”

“You’re a 30 year old I.T. worker with three kids. You’re not a member of the Gracie family. Please stop saying that. And it really surprised me because every single time I meet someone, I meet and it’s takes a big move for me to follow another jiu jitsu athlete. I think, f**k, this guy’s pretty cool. And then out of nowhere they’ll post a real from an alpha motivational Instagram page”

Jones criticized grapplers for posting these things if they are concerned with their image, saying “If you’re not concerned with the opinion of sheeps, why are you getting Botox and f**king hair transplants?”

The BJJ star claimed “there’s nothing f**king gayer than posting these alpha motivation videos,” telling them to “relax with the f**king Greek Stoics.”

Jones also blasted the intelligence of jiu-jitsu athletes, stating “Like, athletes aren’t smart. The jiu jitsu guys might be the dumbest of athletes.”

He advised fans to “take this as inspiration” and follow graookers on Instagram to see “this s**t they post.”

Craig Jones criticized jiu-jitsu athletes, saying “it doesn’t remove your ego. It actually gives you an ego because you go, holy f**k, these are some of the dumbest human human beings I’ve ever met.”

He added, “Like, athletes aren’t smart. The jiu jitsu guys might be the dumbest of athletes. And really, you guys should take this as inspiration. Follow these guys on Instagram, which you probably already do. You’re going to see this s**t they post.” 

While Jones often tries to be provocative, a number of these memes resurface time and time again. At this point, some of these phrases are deeply embeded in the BJJ lore, in part due to Gracies using them for marketing and in part because they easily capture the attention of beginners. Notably, criticism was inspired by Jones’ brush with Yuri Simoes who proceeded to post motivational quotes during their feud.