WATCH: UFC star dares opponent to ‘Get Up & Do Something’, Immediately gets submitted

At UFC Vegas 82, Jonathan Pearce found himself on the receiving end of instant karma after urging his opponent, Joanderson Brito, to “get up and do something” during their bout. The incident occurred in the second round, with Pearce in a top position.

To the amazement of the audience, Brito not only got up as suggested but swiftly countered Pearce by putting him in a ninja submission, ultimately leading to Brito’s victory.

The unexpected twist became an instant highlight in the MMA world, showcasing the unpredictable nature of the sport. The clip of Pearce’s taunt followed by Brito’s quick and skillful response circulated widely on social media, adding another layer of excitement to UFC Vegas 82.

Brito, reveling in his victory, added a touch of theatrics to the moment. After securing the submission, he surprised the crowd by removing his shorts and tossing them into the enthusiastic audience at the Apex.

This bout at UFC Vegas 82 contributed to the event’s reputation for unexpected and memorable moments. Earlier in the same event, Ailin Perez made headlines for her unconventional celebration, twerking against the cage in front of the UFC commentating team.

The MMA community, always hungry for thrilling and unpredictable moments, was treated to a spectacle at UFC Vegas 82, reminding fans why the sport continues to captivate audiences with its blend of athleticism and unforeseeable outcomes.