BKFC president disses BJJ: No bareknuckle MMA, Grappling takes away from the excitement

BKFC founder and President David Feldman has been working towards legalizing bare-knuckle combat sports. He is also gearing up for the grandest event in BKFC history.

BKFC 56 will feature a clash between Mike Perry and Eddie Alvarez. It will take place in Salt Lake City, Utah. The event boasts two titles up for grabs and an ensemble of familiar faces such as Ben Rothwell, Todd Duffee, Jeremy Stephens, and Jimmie Rivera.

Ahead of the much-anticipated event at the Maverik Center, David Feldman engaged in an exclusive interview with Bloody Elbow. He shed light on various aspects of BKFC and its future trajectory.

Feldman discussed the recent body shots that were traded between Perry and Alvarez’s main event at BKFC 56. In addition, he shared his opinions on whether Alvarez would retire after this one. Feldman also talked about a future television deal as well as claiming the #2 and #3 positions in combat sports.

Reflecting on the journey, Feldman elucidated the arduous process of securing sanctions and grappling with financial constraints. He emphasized the behind-the-scenes challenges, and talked about the monumental effort and resources required for the promotion’s success.

When asked if he would organise a BKFC MMA bout in the future, Feldman maintained a cautious stance. He delineated concerns that incorporating MMA elements might diminish the raw excitement.

He said: “I think bare knuckle MMA is good, not taking anything away from anybody, but I think that the reason why I created bare knuckle was to keep the excitement going.”

“I think that in bare knuckle MMA, I think that once a guy lands a punch, like in BKFC for instance, there they have to stand and bang. There’s nothing else you can do. You got to stand and bang. And if you don’t stand and bang, you’re going to lose, right? You’re going to lose the fight.”

Highlighting the differences, he added: “In bare knuckle MMA, however, you get hit with a bare knuckle punch, you could take the guy down right away, and you don’t have to stand and bang. And then you can go into your jujitsu moves, which are great, right, fantastic sport. Awesome. But I think it takes away from some of the excitement that I created with BKFC.”

“So I’m never going to say never because, you know, as things evolve you’re going to see what happens. I’m not 100% sure yet. I just know that we didn’t grow BKFC itself to where we wanted to grow yet to actually add those things into our repertoire yet.”

While BKFC keeps doing Bareknuckle boxing, Jorge Masvidal’s Gamebred is doing Bareknuckle MMA and catching a bit of steam.