WATCH: News Anchor disses 13-Year-Old’s Tetris Achievement suggesting he ‘go outside’

A news anchor, Jayne Secker of Sky News, is under fire for her dismissive comments directed at 13-year-old Willis ‘Blue Scuti’ Gibson, who recently achieved the unprecedented feat of conquering Tetris. Gibson made history by becoming the first person known to ‘beat’ the classic game, garnering attention and accolades from the gaming community.

Secker’s critical remarks, delivered during a news segment, have stirred controversy and ignited a wave of backlash on social media. The anchor, seemingly undermining the significance of Gibson’s accomplishment, stated, “As a mother, I would just say, step away from the screen, go outside, get some fresh air. Beating Tetris is not a life goal.”

The video clip containing Secker’s comments quickly went viral, with netizens expressing their disapproval of the anchor’s perceived condescension towards the 13-year-old gamer. Many criticized Secker for diminishing the importance of Gibson’s achievement and questioned the appropriateness of her remarks, especially considering the young age of the Tetris record-breaker.

Gibson’s achievement is noteworthy as he managed to surpass the challenges posed by the original Nintendo version of Tetris, reaching a level that caused the game’s coding to freeze. The coding glitch left the program unable to generate additional falling blocks, marking a significant milestone in the gaming world.

The anchor’s advice to “go outside” and her assertion that beating Tetris “isn’t a life goal” sparked a broader conversation about the recognition of accomplishments in the gaming community. Many argued that Secker’s comments reflected a lack of understanding of the growing significance of esports and gaming achievements, especially among younger generations.

As the controversy unfolds, it highlights the ongoing tension between traditional perspectives on recreational activities and the evolving landscape of digital achievements. The incident serves as a reminder of the diverse forms of accomplishment that resonate with individuals across different age groups, shedding light on the need for nuanced discussions when addressing unconventional feats in the contemporary world.