ADCC winner Gordon Ryan admits Dillon Danis may be a draw but still questions if he’s good enough for UFC


Gordon Ryan, the reigning ADCC absolute champion, recently commented on fellow grappler Dillon Danis’ potential transition to MMA and the UFC. When asked if Danis is ready for the UFC, Ryan acknowledged that Danis would likely draw attention, but questioned if he has the skills to actually compete in the organization.

“I think that he would do I think he’d be a draw on the UFC, but technically he’s just like train anymore,” said Ryan on a recent talk with inside fighting . “And like, he wasn’t very good at Jitsu, He wasn’t very good at like doesn’t know striking, wasn’t like he’s not a good listener, so I guess I’ll garnish a lot of attention, but he’s not going to like anybody there.”

While admitting Danis’ ability to garner interest as a personality, Ryan clearly does not believe Danis currently has the martial arts talents to succeed against UFC-level competition.

Danis has long expressed a desire to join the UFC, even calling out opposing fighters on social media. But with only 2 professional MMA bouts under his belt since 2018, questions remain about whether the jiu-jitsu practitioner needs more experience before making the jump.

Ryan, meanwhile, remains focused on his grappling career, which has seen him dominate events like ADCC while drawing mainstream eyes to the sport. But he too has previously hinted at a future transition to MMA at some point down the line.