WATCH: Natsumi Tsunoda submitted all her opponents at Tokyo Grand Slam

Japanese judoka Natsumi Tsunoda put on a spectacular display of her signature juji-gatame technique on route to submitting all opponents at the recent 2023 Tokyo Grand Slam.

The 48kg star showed her prowess on the ground by securing quick victories with the armbar against three higher-ranked opponents. In her first match, Tsunoda missed her initial attack but swiftly transitioned into juji-gatame to force her opponent to tap.

She employed similar tactics in the semifinal against Sweden’s Moa Balf, missing a sumi-gaeshi throw before capitalizing on the ground transition. Despite Balf’s defensive efforts, Tsunoda overpowered her to elicit another juji-gatame submission.

The trend continued into the final against world #2 Julia Figueroa of Portugal – the only woman to defeat Tsunoda at this weight class back in 2019. After an initial blocked throw attempt, Tsunoda secured her trademark juji-gatame to claim victory in under 20 seconds.

Her flawless execution and setup mastery left commentators in awe, with one stating “I don’t think anybody came into this one thinking that she was gonna give Natsumi Sonoda any trouble when things got to the ground.”

With this dominant tournament win, Natsumi Tsunoda has sounded a warning shot to the rest of the 48kg division ahead of Paris 2024. Her supreme ground game could prove extremely difficult to contain as she seeks her first Olympic gold.