Gordon Dismisses Nicky Rod’s $100k Challenge

At a recent grappling event, reigning ADCC champion Gordon Ryan was asked about the callout from Nicky Rodriguez, who put $50k on the table and challenged Gordon to a match with $100k total purse.

Rodriguez dominated Yuri Simoes and went on to ignore the budget Joe Rogan interviewer – instead issuing a call out to Ryan:

“This guy Gordon Ryan is walking out right now. I’ve been trying to unite here for quite some time now. He’s had his issues in the world this year to, you know, calling me out for my accusing me of ster*ids. I’m sure you guys heard that at the previous interview about these times. I’m gonna propose a challenge it’s hard to refuse. ”

“It is hard to refuse. Right. So let’s do this one match. Same rules as here. A ten minute match five minute O.T., but with a catch, I’m willing to put a $50,000. You say I will beat you in this race at 50 k each and $100,000 on the line. May the best man win. ”

Gordon dismissed the challenge, stating “Nicky Rod and that whole team make their career off soundbites for me, so no comment. Not interested in that at all.”

He explained that unlike Rodriguez and his teammates, he doesn’t need to keep mentioning others to stay relevant. “They just need to have my name in their mouth because they don’t win and they need to build a career off of my sound bites. I haven’t mentioned them in six months. Every single podcast that they do, every post that they make is trying to get the reaction out of me. So that’s just I don’t care about that anymore.”

So it seems Gordon has no interest indulging Nicky Rod’s challenge or giving him the big money fight he is angling for. With Gordon on a dominant run as of late, he doesn’t appear pressed to take a risky match when he already has plenty of big matchups on the horizon.