Gordon Ryan: Felipe Pena has a history of quitting

Gordon Ryan has competed against jiu-jitsu star Philippe Pena multiple times, with Pena scoring submission win (and a points win) early in Gordon’s career. Now the ADCC champ, Gordon still seeks to avenge those losses.

After Pena lost a recent match on a UFC FPI event, Gordon blasted him on social media for having a chronic issue with giving up when the going gets tough.

“You can always tell when Pena breaks. He has the same exact see, like the same exact sequence of events. His body language falls apart and he starts bullying you and complains to the referee and rests,” Gordon explained.

He pointed to Pena’s loss that night as another prime example. “The second guy took his back, he just instantly gave up. The strangle wasn’t even on…he immediately tapped.”

Gordon insisted Pena’s previous reason for quitting against him due to a friend’s death was an illegitimate “excuse.” In his view, “You’re just a quitter. You can’t bully the guy, you just give up. And that’s been proven fact tonight.”

While the pair have unfinished business, Gordon believes the longer Pena waits for a rematch, the more one-sided their next contest will be. “The longer that match takes to happen, the worse it’s going to be for him.”

Pena’s days in BJJ are numbered either way. A while back he explained:

“I’m already 31 years old so I can’t wait much longer.  So it’s something I’ve been thinking about because I’m always trying to go, these things happen and it ends up being a year so I’m thinking a lot about it. And I’m not trying to decide anything with a hot head. I’m waiting a few weeks to cool my head and see how this issue will unfold.”

Pena went on to reveal he’s likely going to train out of American Top Team where his friends Marcus Almeida Buchecha and Antonio Carlos Junior (‘Cara de Sapato’) train.

“I think because of the structure of the ATT. Because I have Buchecho, Sapato, who are great friends of mine. The guys there welcomed me very well. There is a lot of variety of training, all the training is done in the same place, so this is something that during the routine is something that helps a lot.”