75-Year-Old Pensioner And 18-Year-Old Grandson Face Off Against Female Fighter In odd Handicap MMA Bout


In what can only be described as one of the most peculiar MMA matchups in history, a 75-year-old man and his 18-year-old grandson teamed up to face a female star at the Epic FC in Russia. The two-on-one handicap event took place between Vladimir Spartak and Big Igibob against Yulia Mishko, known as ‘The Tomboy.’

The event lasted three rounds, totaling nine minutes, with Mishko facing off against the unconventional duo for the first time. The grandson, with tattoos and colorful hair reminiscent of controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, took a more defensive approach, often retreating while his grandfather took the lead.

Despite having a numerical advantage, the elderly man and his grandson didn’t capitalize on it, and both ended up receiving significant blows from Mishko. The female star even delivered a series of strikes in the ground and pound during the second round.


The event’s standard was criticized as appalling and not to be taken seriously, with doubts about any of the stars receiving an invitation from Dana White and the UFC. Controversially, the event was declared a draw after going the distance, despite the grandad and grandson duo posing minimal threat.

Following the match, the unconventional pair expressed their desire to continue, aligning with the promotion’s reputation for staging outlandish and bizarre encounters.

The Epic FC is known for organizing unique matchups, including intergender clashes and unusual pairings, such as a previous bout involving a four-foot dwarf against a female pornstar.

In another instance highlighted, a one-armed MMA star, Alexander Karapetyan, overcame two opponents in a handicap match in the same promotion.

The Epic FC continues to push the boundaries of traditional MMA matchups, attracting attention for its unconventional event selections and providing a unique viewing experience for fans.