WATCH: When 68-Year-Old grandma got smashed in MMA going up against 24-Year-Old

In a turn of events, a 68-year-old grandmother, Ann Perez de Tejada, suffered a TKO defeat at the hands of her 24-year-old opponent, Laura ‘the honey badger’ Dettman, in a highly controversial MMA cage match. The encounter, sanctioned by the Colorado-based Sparta Combat League, has ignited a storm of criticism on social media back in the day.

The bout, which took place last Saturday, left spectators and online commentators questioning the appropriateness of such a matchup. Despite Perez making her debut and expressing her determination for a good fight, the video of the match revealed a one-sided affair where Dettman dominated from the start.

The footage captures Dettman quickly taking down Perez, initiating a ground-and-pound maneuver that saw the older fighter unable to defend herself. The referee eventually called an end to the fight, declaring a TKO victory for Dettman at 1 minute and 24 seconds into Round 1.

While the video has stirred controversy and calls for the Sparta Combat League to face consequences, the league defended its decision to allow the fight. Jeff Cisneros, the league’s promoter, took to Facebook to address the criticism, stating that despite facing heat for the matchup, he believes in providing opportunities for individuals to pursue their dreams.

Critics, however, argue that the fight should never have been sanctioned, expressing disbelief and anger at the mismatched nature of the contest. The online backlash raises questions about the responsibility of MMA leagues in ensuring fair and safe matchups, especially when there’s a significant age and experience gap between fighters.

As discussions on social media continue, the fallout from this controversial clash underscores the need for transparent and ethical decision-making in the world of professional mixed martial arts.