Bo NIckal went into MMA after facing wrestler juiced to the gills

In an exclusive interview, UFC’s Bo Nickal made an appearance on the JRE and opened up about his wrestling career, particularly focusing on his only convincing loss, which he controversially attributes to an opponent’s use of PEDs.

Nickal’s wrestling career was marked by an impressive streak of victories, making his sole loss a significant moment. He recalled the match with clarity, noting how it was a turning point in his athletic journey. “It was a tough match, and I gave it my all,” Nickal said. “But I knew something was off about my opponent.”

Nickal expressed suspicions that his opponent was using PEDs. “You can sense it – the unnatural strength, the endurance. It’s disheartening to compete against someone you believe isn’t playing fair,” he remarked. His concerns were amplified by the broader issue of PED use in sports, a topic he has spoken passionately about in the past.

This loss, according to Nickal, was a defining moment in his career. He shared how it fueled his transition to MMA, where he felt there were stricter controls. “It was a wake-up call. I realized that I wanted to compete in a sport where there’s a level playing field,” he explained.

Nickal has become an advocate for clean sports, often speaking out against the use of banned substances. “Sports should be about natural talent and hard work. D0ping undermines the integrity of all sports,” he stated. His experience in wrestling has made him a vocal proponent for more stringent testing and penalties in combat sports.

Looking back, Nickal views his wrestling career, including his loss, as a learning experience. “It taught me resilience and the importance of fair play,” he reflected. Now a successful MMA fighter, he continues to inspire with his dedication to sportsmanship and his stance against PED use in sports.