Ekubov chokes Ibrokhim Shoimov unconscious in 25 seconds

In a breathtaking display of dominance, Anis Ekubov left a lasting impression at ACA 168 by securing a lightning-fast victory, choking out Ibrokhim Shoimov in a mere 25 seconds into the first round. This flyweight bout on the preliminary card showcased Ekubov’s exceptional skills and marked a standout moment in the event held by the esteemed Absolute Championship Akhmat (ACA) in Moscow, Russia, on December 24.

ACA, a premier mixed martial arts promotion in Russia, has garnered a massive and devoted audience with its string of successful events, featuring a roster brimming with exceptional talent. The recent ACA 168 continued this trend, delivering an engaging show for combat sports enthusiasts, with a mix of rising stars and seasoned athletes.

The highly anticipated flyweight clash between Anis Ekubov and Ibrokhim Shoimov promised a back-and-forth duel between two rising talents with impressive resumes. However, the bout took an unexpected turn as Ekubov asserted his dominance from the opening seconds.

The match kicked off with a swift exchange as both fighters charged at each other. Ekubov seized the opportunity, catching a body kick from Shoimov and swiftly taking the fight to the ground. From this point onward, Ekubov showcased a clear skill gap, bombarding Shoimov with relentless submission attempts and fluid positional changes.

Struggling to break free, Shoimov found himself on the defensive, eventually exposing his back to Ekubov. Seizing the moment, Ekubov expertly executed a tight rear-naked choke. Ekubov’s impressive strength became evident as he rapidly choked Shoimov into unconsciousness.

With Shoimov rendered unconscious, the referee promptly stopped the match, declaring Ekubov the winner at the remarkable 25-second mark of the first round. This victory extends Ekubov’s win streak to an impressive six, solidifying his standing as a rising force in the flyweight division.

Anis Ekubov, a 24-year-old talent from Tajikistan, now boasts a total record of 7 wins and 1 loss. Meanwhile, Ibrokhim Shoimov, who tasted defeat for the first time in his professional career, holds a record of 4 wins and 1 loss.