WATCH: UFC rising star Diego Lopes throws hands in BJJ tournament in resurfaced video

Diego Lopes is a rising star in the UFC featherweight division. He has recently gained attention for an unexpected brawl during a Brazilian Jiu-JitsuĀ  match. An old video that resurfaced on social media reveals Lopes and his opponent throwing punches in the middle of the competition, creating a stir among BJJ enthusiasts.

Lopes, who joined the UFC earlier this year, has made a mark with his impressive skills and back-to-back victories in the promotion. The 28-year-old Brazilian is known for his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expertise, showcasing his ground game in both mixed martial arts and grappling tournaments.

The viral video captures a moment of chaos during a BJJ match where Lopes and his opponent find themselves in a heated exchange. The clip begins with both athletes standing toe-to-toe, with Lopes seemingly attempting a collar tie. However, a misstep leads to an accidental slap from Lopes to his opponent.

In a sudden turn of events, the situation escalates as Lopes’ opponent retaliates with a knee to the stomach. The confrontation intensifies into a full-blown brawl, with both fighters throwing punches at each other. Staff members and onlookers rush to separate the fighters, but the exchange continues until they are forcibly dragged apart.

The video has drawn attention to Diego Lopes’ combative nature, showcasing a side of the fighter that goes beyond the traditional confines of MMA competition. While the circumstances surrounding the BJJ brawl remain unclear, it adds an intriguing layer to Lopes’ reputation as a formidable athlete.

Diego Lopes was last seen in action at UFC 295 in November, securing a victory with a first-round knockout against Pat Sabatini. Looking ahead, Lopes expresses interest in facing fan-favorite Bryce Mitchell and hopes to headline an upcoming UFC event.

“Let’s see where the rankings are on Tuesday. But I think if I’m ranked, I feel like Bryce Mitchell would be a good fight. I think he’s somebody who’s been looking for a five-round fight, so why not have a main event? And if the UFC wants it, I’ll be right there to fight him,” Lopes stated during the post-fight press conference.