Renzo Gracie had to defend his home at night with a rifle as a result of getting into a brawl with the wrong guy

Renzo Gracie is a beloved member of the renowned Gracie family and Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend. He revealed in a recent interview that earlier in his life in Brazil, he had to defend his home at night with a rifle due to threats from mobsters.

Gracie explained that when he was a teenager in Brazil, he got into an altercation at a nightclub after defending a woman shoved by the son of a mob boss.

“There were seven guys. And luckily I had the Machados and they were on the next room. So she called them as I’m fighting the seven guys, and then I could fight the guy alone. But this guy was the son of a very bad mob guy, you know, and I beat him up bad.”‚Äč

Gracie ended up beating the man in a brawl. This led to retaliation attempts from mobsters who sent hitmen to Gracie’s home to kill him.

For six months, Gracie had to take measures to defend himself every night, hiding on his rooftop with a rifle and shooting warning shots at anyone who tried to climb up to get him. He states he never actually wanted to kill anyone, just deter them from attacking him.

This tense situation continued until Gracie’s father was able to get in contact with the mob boss and convince him that his son was not who they thought he was. The murder attempts stopped soon after. Fearing for his safety, Gracie’s father urged him to leave Brazil for some time until things settled down.

Gracie called this time in his life “insane” but said his stubbornness and refusal to be intimidated allowed him to stand his ground in the face of mortal danger. His dramatic tale of fending off mob assassins highlights the extreme lengths he was willing to go to defend his principles and his home.

For the legendary fighter, even as a teenage boy, giving up was never an option when threatened. As he awaited the day he could return home safely, rifle in hand under the night sky was his only choice.