WATCH: 6’7″ Professional grappler loses arm wrestling match to a woman who competes in arm wrestling

Team New Wave’s Dan Manasoiu recently engaged in an intriguing arm wrestling duel with multiple-time arm wrestling champion, Sarah Backman. Despite employing diverse techniques, Manasoiu faced consecutive losses in the friendly yet intense encounters.

Dan Manasoiu, a 23-year-old Brazilian jiu-jitsu standout, boasts an impressive track record with numerous victories in major tournaments, including ADCC Trials, ADCC Open, and UFC  Invitational.

In a casual hangout, Manasoiu and Sarah Backman, a decorated arm wrestling champion, decided to put their strengths to the test through an arm wrestling match, utilizing a dedicated arm wrestling table for added authenticity.

The initial round saw Manasoiu swiftly losing as Backman effortlessly pulled his arm, prompting laughter from both participants. Expressing his surprise, Manasoiu exclaimed, “Oh sh*t. Oh, she is strong,” emphasizing the unexpected strength displayed by Backman. Dan wasn’t salty about the outcome and shared it to his social media.

Undeterred, they opted for another round, with Manasoiu attempting a different technique by lowering his body. Employing a legitimate arm wrestling tactic leveraging momentum, Manasoiu’s valiant effort, unfortunately, concluded with another loss. Despite holding his position for a brief moment, Backman seamlessly countered and secured victory.

The outcome may seem unexpected considering Manasoiu’s imposing stature at 6’7″ and robust physique, while Backman stands at 5’8″ with a muscular build. This serves as a testament to the nuanced nature of arm wrestling, where factors like grip, body positioning, wrist control, timing, and endurance contribute significantly.