Streamer Sneako replies to Musumeci’s MMA challenge

The ongoing feud between BJJ world champion Mikey Musumeci and Twitch streamer Sneako intensifies after Sneako responds to Musumeci’s recent challenge to an MMA match. Sneako gained notoriety for his controversial takes and has faced criticism for his influence on viewers.

Why did Musumeci challenge Sneako?

The drama began when Sneako, during a Twitch stream, mocked BJJ competitors, including Musumeci, questioning the effectiveness of the sport as seen in this video.

Musumeci’s Challenge Video

Musumeci responded by calling Sneako a bully and challenging him to an MMA fight to settle their differences.

Sneako replies to Musumeci’s MMA challenge

In a recent livestream session, Sneako addressed Musumeci’s challenge and offered a clarification on his comments about BJJ. He emphasized his lack of knowledge about BJJ, stating that he rarely watches the sport and finds it amusing with its intricate techniques.

“This guy (Musumeci) got really mad and called me a bully. But, this is what I know about BJJ. I never watch BJJ. I see it in the UFC sometimes,” Sneako stated during the livestream. He further expressed his amusement at BJJ’s intricate techniques, likening it to chess and emphasizing his preference for striking and boxing.

He added, “It’s goofy to me. They’re like… grabbing your toe, and they’re putting your arm in a weird lock, and they go on reddit and talk about theory and stuff… It’s like chess… It’s just funny to me. It’s a funny sport. That’s it. I train boxing sometimes. I spar sometimes. I spar people that are very accomplished and much heavier than me. I spar because I like striking. I like boxing. I don’t know sh*t about BJJ.”

Musumeci’s challenge garnered attention from the combat sports community, with many anticipating a potential showdown between a BJJ world champion and a controversial Twitch streamer with an interest in boxing.

However, Sneako appears unlikely to accept the MMA challenge, emphasizing his limited knowledge of BJJ and asserting his preference for striking over grappling.