B-team’s jiu jitsu player claims he would defeat former UFC star wife in a fight

Former UFC star Jessica-Rose Clark, a fan favorite, has announced her marriage to fellow martial artist Freddy Pedrique earlier this week. To the grappling fans, Freddy Pedrique is known as a Craig Jones’ sidekick on the infamous El Segundo podcast.

Clark, 36, shared the news on social media, describing Pedrique as the “kindest, sweetest, dorkiest, most compassionate man” she has ever met. The two followed up the announcement with a joint guest spot on the El Segundo podcast.

Clark has been open about her struggles in the past and has reported been clean since 2018. The Australian parted ways with the UFC after back to back losses to Stephanie Egger, Julija Stoliarenko and Tainara Lisboa. Clark is still competing – her last outing was set to be in Muay Thai but was cancelled for undisclosed reasons.

During the podcast appearance, Clark and Pedrique got into an interesting exchange with Pedrique firmly believing he could outpower the former UFC star. The clip of the argument subsequently went viral.

Freddy Pedrique is a content creator for the B team but he’s not exactly an active competitor. It’s worth noting that he’s five years younger than Clark.

What further casts doubt over his chances of success is the fact that Rose Clark was previously succesful defending herself in a domestic dispute situation.

Jessica-Rose Clark had a close call in a domestic incident with a previous partner. The media reported in 2016 that Clark was assaulted over ‘bringing home wrong noodles’.

According to a report by Daily Telegraph Australia, Wallace then demanded his fiance to return their engagement ring and threatened to break her fingers if she didn’t. Enraged by all this, Jess started packing her stuff but was attacked by Wallace, who punched her before applying a submission on her. She used her skills to save herself from Wallace. She powered out of the submission before knocking him out, and calling the police.

Her former fiance became somewhat of a meme himself prior to the incident. He tried to intimidate his opponent during the weigh-ins for a Nitro MMA event, only to subsequently get knocked out and become a viral meme.

What do you think? Would a male BJJ hobbyst be able to defeat a female former UFC star?