WATCH: Reality star attacks a waitress after being asked to keep the noise down

In a disturbing turn of events, a former contestant on Traitors attacked a waitress after consuming two bottles with a friend.

The 51-year-old spa therapist and actor John McManus is known for his appearance on the first season of the BBC show.


He found himself in hot water outside a seafood restaurant in Edinburgh in May 2023. The incident unfolded when a waiter requested McManus to lower his volume voice. He and his friend were overheard swearing at a table next to young children during a dinner service.

As the pair left the restaurant, tensions escalated. According to the staff, McManus “got up in the waiter’s face and called him a c***.” The two then got into a major brawl outside the restaurant.

Witnesses reported that McManus confronted the waiter, using offensive language before a heated brawl erupted. CCTV footage obtained by The Sun captured the moment the former reality TV star threw a series of punches at the waiter. After seemingly leaving the scene, McManus returned to the restaurant. To everyone’s surprise, he dragged a waitress to the floor by her hair.

A source stated: “John was swearing and using the F-word a lot – they were seated next to a table with young children and it wasn’t appropriate. A waiter went over to ask them to keep the noise down.”

“He walked away and John started badmouthing him to the other waiting staff – saying he would not leave the restaurant without ‘doing’ something to him.”

CCTV footage documented McManus assaulting the waiter outside the restaurant. The witness disclosed, “A female member of staff had come outside to see what was happening, she didn’t even say anything to him and McManus grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the ground.”

Authorities promptly arrested McManus at the scene.

John McManus faced the legal consequences of his actions at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on December 15. He pleaded guilty to two charges of assault and was fined £470. Additionally, he was ordered to pay £600 in compensation to the waitress who now suffers from PTSD due to the brutal assault.

The repercussions of McManus’s violent outburst extended beyond legal consequences. The assaulted waitress was emotionally scarred by the incident. She had to quit her job at the restaurant.

A friend close to the waitress said: “She has a constant headache which her GP said is a symptom of PTSD. She struggles to work because of the headaches. She is currently in therapy and is worried she will have to leave the hospitality industry.”

“The compensation he has been ordered to pay will barely cover the fees for the therapy she has had to have because of his actions.”