WATCH: The one time someone actually succesfully used Aikido in an incident

A recent viral video on social media has sparked debates within the martial arts community as it showcases an Aikido practitioner successfully using the art’s technique in an incident. The footage captures a dramatic moment where the practitioner, employing Aikido’s principles, effortlessly throws his opponent to the ground, challenging preconceptions about Aikido’s effectiveness in real-life combat scenarios.

Aikido, a Japanese martial art renowned for redirecting an opponent’s energy, has often faced skepticism regarding its practicality for self-defense. Critics point to factors like the absence of striking elements, limited resistance-based training, intricate techniques, and the assumption of a cooperative attacker. These critiques have led many to question the applicability of Aikido in real-world situations.

The viral video, recorded by a surveillance camera in a parking lot, captures a brawl involving multiple individuals. As the altercation unfolds, a tall individual engages in a physical confrontation with another man. Amidst the chaos, the taller man skillfully seizes his opponent’s wrist, utilizing Aikido’s throwing technique to bring him to the ground.

The effectiveness of the Aikido move raises eyebrows, challenging prevailing notions about its practicality in dynamic, uncontrolled environments. The video, however, concludes abruptly, leaving viewers intrigued about the outcome of the intense altercation.

The social media buzz generated by the video has sparked discussions about Aikido’s potential effectiveness in real-life scenarios. Some argue that Aikido techniques, when applied correctly, can prove formidable, emphasizing the importance of proper training methodologies. Conversely, skeptics maintain that the taller individual’s physical advantage played a significant role in the technique’s success, and effectiveness may vary based on factors such as size and strength.