WATCH: Police Officer’s viral arrest highlights effectiveness of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

In a recent arrest that gained widespread attention, a police officer showcased the power of Brazilian jiu jitsu as he struggled to subdue a single suspect.

The benefits of practicing martial arts, particularly Brazilian jiu jitsu, extend beyond the physical and into various aspects of personal development. Suitable for individuals of all ages and genders, BJJ not only proves valuable for self-defense but also contributes to overall fitness by enhancing endurance and building muscles.

Brazilian jiu jitsu’s effectiveness in self-defense, particularly as a grappling martial art, has led to its adoption by police forces worldwide. Unlike striking-based techniques, BJJ allows officers to control and subdue individuals without causing harm.

Law enforcement officers, faced with situations where physical force is necessary, find BJJ to be a practical and effective solution. A recent viral video exemplifies this, featuring a police officer employing BJJ techniques during an encounter on a sidewalk, surrounded by onlookers.

As the video begins, it is unclear how the confrontation unfolded, but the officer and the individual are already on the ground. The officer struggles to maintain control over the unruly man, who attempts various maneuvers to escape. Despite the man’s efforts, the officer remains persistent, continually adjusting positions to secure control.

The detainment unfolds, showcasing the effectiveness of BJJ in exhausting and subduing the resisting individual. The officer’s tenacity prevents the suspect from escaping, and eventually, bystanders join in to assist, allowing the officer to call for reinforcement.

It is noteworthy that, in some states, certain BJJ submissions are considered illegal as they are categorized as deadly force. This likely explains why, despite having complete control, the officer in the video refrained from attempting submissions on the apprehended individual.