NFL veteran Chandler Jones Reveals brother’s success sparked Interest in Martial Arts, Grappling Training

NFL star Chandler Jones has revealed he’s interested in expanding his athletic skills into martial arts and grappling. The former All-Pro linebacker discussed his intrigue with training in additional disciplines during a recent podcast interview.

Despite his football success, including a Super Bowl championship and over 100 career sacks, Jones admitted he has limited abilities in some other sports.

“My brother Jon and I would like to see one on one basketball. You would just run up with some basketball. I don’t know how to play basketball,” Jones said, referencing his brother, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

However, Jones believes his wrestling background from high school could aid him in transitioning to martial arts training.

“I wrestle good against Jones. You’re surprised at my wrestling,” he said, likely referring to his brother’s MMA skills. “Because I trained really hard for him. Yeah. I started late. I started smoking weed at 17. That’s when I started wrestling.”

Jones went on to emphasize grappling as an area of particular interest.

“Oh yeah. I get busy. We wrestle,” he said. “If I ever got into a fight, I’m grabbing. You wanna sit back and say, oh, who many got who got many more headshot? No. Imma grab you. Throw you to the ground, then I’m a do what I can do to you. Go for the year. I’m saying grappling.”

The former Patriots and Cardinals linebacker believes his time away from football in 2022 has him feeling physically prepared to take on the demands of additional athletic training.

“I feel the most relaxed, healthy, strong, strongest, explosive, powerful than I’ve ever been,” Jones stated.

At 33 years old, Jones could look to follow in the footsteps of other NFL players who have crossed over into combat sports after their football careers, including Greg Hardy and Matt Mitrione.