WATCH: Streamer Adin Ross tries grappling 400 lbs opponent – gets submitted

In a recent livestream spectacle, popular streamer Adin Ross ventured into the world of grappling, taking on a colossal opponent weighing in at 400 lbs. The friendly match unfolded in the boxing ring at a warehouse, resulting in a swift and dominating victory for the larger adversary.

Adin Ross is a 23-year-old streamer and social media personality. He has been making waves on the internet, transitioning from Twitch to Kick, where he secured an exclusive broadcasting deal. Despite previous controversies leading to a permanent ban on Twitch, Ross’s popularity has continued to soar, marked by diverse content creation, including podcasts and even hosting a small boxing event.

During a recent visit to the Kick warehouse, Ross engaged in various activities with fellow streamers. The highlight of the visit was a spontaneous grappling match between Ross and a massive 400 lb opponent. Despite the lighthearted nature of the contest, it quickly became apparent that Ross was outmatched.

As soon as the grappling match commenced, the 400 lb opponent showcased his overwhelming strength, prompting Ross to attempt an evasive strategy. However, his efforts were in vain as the larger adversary seized the opportunity to secure Ross’s back. In a matter of seconds, a rear-naked choke was applied, forcing Ross to tap out.

While the match was short-lived, the clip gained significant attention on social media, highlighting Ross’s willingness to step into unconventional challenges.