WATCH: Ex-Dodger Yasiel Puig in a BRAWL during game in Venezuela

In a dramatic turn of events, former Dodgers sensation Yasiel Puig found himself in the midst of a chaotic brawl during a recent baseball game in Venezuela. The altercation unfolded as Puig threw punches and engaged in a heated confrontation.

Yasiel Puig is 33 years old and made a mark during his six-season stint with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He was selected for the 2014 All-Star team and last had an MLB appearance for Cleveland in 2019.

Presently, Yasiel Puig is showcasing his skills with the Tiburones de La Guaira in the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League. Things became rather nasty on Wednesday when the slugger was observed throwing punches.

Video footage captured the intense moments on Wednesday night, revealing Puig actively participating in the brawl. The reasons behind the sudden outbreak remain unclear, but the situation escalated rapidly.

As soon as the benches vacated and a big swarm of players erupted into a net behind home plate, things became quite nasty.

During the scuffle, Yasiel Puig did not hold back. He threw multiple punches at his opponents. But amidst the chaos, he found himself on the receiving end. He was hit with an opponent’s hand covering his face.

Eventually, the brawl subsided and the squads split up.

This isn’t Puig’s first encounter with on-field violence. While playing for the Reds in 2019, he was suspended for his involvement in a brawl against the Pirates. This recent incident further highlights the player’s history with controversial situations.

Yasiel Puig’s journey in MLB concluded with an impressive record of 132 home runs. Beyond the confines of American baseball, he expanded his horizons by participating in the Korean league in 2022. He was representing the Kiwoom Heroes.

Such incidents are intense but are not uncommon in the world of professional sports. This reflects the passion and competitive spirit among players.