WATCH: Slick armbar ends MMA contest

In a thrilling display of grappling mastery, Leo Arias showcased his skill by securing a victory with a brutal armbar during a bantamweight bout at Fusion Fighting Championship 71 (FFC 71) held in Lima, Peru. The event, known for delivering intense MMA action, featured Arias facing off against Angel Escobar in a highly-anticipated matchup.

The bantamweight clash lived up to expectations, with both athletes displaying technical prowess and delivering fierce blows right from the start. The first round saw a back-and-forth battle, showcasing the calculated moves and striking abilities of both Arias and Escobar. Despite the intensity, neither athlete managed to land a finishing blow in the initial round.

As the second round unfolded, the intensity of the duel continued, eventually transitioning to the ground. Arias took control with his exceptional grappling skills, seizing the opportunity to attempt a RNC. Escobar, resilient and strategic, defended effectively by elevating his lower body.

In a pivotal moment, Arias adapted swiftly, shifting his position to target Escobar’s arm with a relentless armbar attempt. With impeccable timing and momentum, Arias executed a smooth roll to secure a dominant position. Escobar, fighting to escape, found the armbar’s grip insurmountable, leading to his eventual tap-out.

The victory marked Leo Arias’ triumphant return to the win column following a previous loss against Christian Dipp. With a total record now standing at 4 wins and 1 loss, the Argentinian fighter showcased his resilience and submission prowess in the demanding bantamweight division. On the flip side, Angel Escobar faced a setback, ending his two-win streak and bringing his record to 4 wins and 2 losses.