Garry Tonon defeats Martin Nguyen, Cashes in $50k bonus: I’m immediately buying a Japanese toilet when I get home

In a thrilling showdown at ONE 165 in Tokyo, Garry Tonon secured victory over Martin Nguyen with a RNC in the final moments of the first round. This exceptional finish not only marked the first of the night but also ignited the crowd’s enthusiasm in the Japanese capital.

Tonon’s stellar performance earned him a substantial $50,000 bonus, a reward he graciously acknowledged in a post-fight speech, expressing his love for the country and gratitude to his opponent, Martin Nguyen, whom he deemed the toughest in the division.

While thanking Nguyen for the opportunity, Tonon humorously added, “I’m immediately buying a Japanese toilet when I get home,” injecting a light-hearted note into his celebration.

This triumph propels Tonon into contention for the title, setting the stage for a potential return to grappling. In a recent interview , Tonon outlined his commitment to grappling, emphasizing that he would only consider returning once he secures the ONE FC champion title.

He stated, “Once I’m the man, and I say the same thing about competing in ADCC, I would be super excited to compete in ADCC again. But if a title opportunity is on the line and I haven’t gotten that control yet, I haven’t got the belt around my waist, well, the number one priority needs to be that.”

However, Tonon’s victory shared the spotlight with a surprising turn of events. Sage Northcutt’s withdrawal from the contest with Shinya Aoki led to the unexpected appearance of John Lineker as a replacement, raising eyebrows and adding an element of intrigue.



In the broader context of ONE 165 in Tokyo, Japan, early results unfolded with Gustavo Balart securing victory over Hiroba Minowa via split decision in the strawweight MMA category, Bokang Masunyane triumphing over Keito Yamakita via unanimous decision, and Rade Opacic dominating Iraj Azizpour to win via unanimous decision in the heavyweight kickboxing division. Additionally, Yuya Wakamatsu emerged victorious over Danny Kingad in the flyweight MMA category, clinching the win via unanimous decision.